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Posted by TEAM Metrowest on 2/6/2019

Many times the house that people initially buy isnít the property that will be their forever home. The house could be too big, too small, or not in an ideal location. When you sell your first home, you want to get the most out of your investment. There are so many easy ways that you can upgrade your home for a small amount of money. Any of these upgrades will add value to your home. Read on to find some of the most affordable improvements you can make to your home that will add character and value for you.

Do Something With The Kitchen

While ďsomethingĒ is a bold statement, itís true. Just about any improvement, you make in your kitchen will give you a great return. Some ideas include:

Change the countertops

Replace the cabinets

Replace the stove

Get a new dishwasher

Install a new floor

There are so many different things that you can do to make a kitchen better. The possibilities are almost endless! The key to any renovation that you do is that you donít want it to be too styled. Try to aim for improvements that will be timeless. Check out the current trends and see what seems to be a staple in modern homes. Keep in mind that you also have to like whatever it is youíre doing to your home.

Give Your Fireplace A Facelift

Upgrading the fireplaces in your home can be a great project and an excellent way to enhance your home. You can do anything from merely repairing your fireplace relieving it from any cracks. If youíre feeling zealous, you can change the type or face of fireplace you have. Look into switching from a wood burning fireplace to a gas fireplace. Change the front of your fireplace from brick to tone. Fireplaces are attractive features in homes that make any space cozy. 

Upgrade The Outdoor Space

An outdoor living space adds a lot to a home. The nice thing about adding outdoor is you can go as big as you want to. If you live in a warm region, an outdoor kitchen is an awesome feature to add on. Put a deck on your house. Construct a patio. Put up a gazebo or permanent screen house. There are so many ways to make outdoor living a possibility.   

Clean Up Your Outdoor Space

Giving the outside of your a once over can be an easy way to upgrade your property. You can power wash your siding. Trim your bushes. Add some more plants and foliage to the landscape. These are all simple, yet practical upgrades to your home that add value and appeal.      

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Posted by TEAM Metrowest on 3/7/2018

The bathroom can quickly become one of the most neglected rooms of the house. Sure, we need to clean it often. We certainly use it often enough! We probably never think to update the bathroom in small ways. Thereís many quick things that we can do in the room that allow us to refresh the room without a total overhaul. 

Add A New Mirror

Adding a new mirror not only will brighten the room, it could make a small bathroom appear larger. A new medicine chest with a mirror attached is also a great option that helps you to stay organized and keep medicines and other essentials hidden from plain sight. Adding lighting to a mirror is another bonus that will add some function and a new element to your room. Place a mirror strategically for a room that looks larger.    

Add Some Fresh Paint

A fresh coat of paint in a room can work wonders. You can update the color of the space and completely transform it by adding new matching shower curtains and accessories. 

Make Sure Your Cabinets Are Functional

Itís not practical to have storage in your bathroom that you canít use. If you have things stored in the bathroom, be sure that you can actually get to all of the items. If you need to install pull-out shelves or baskets for easier access, do so. If your bathroom looks nice, but isnít very easy for you to use or find anything, itís not working for you.

Update The Tile

While this sounds like quite a project, installing tile isnít too hard of a DIY. You can buy types of tile that basically are a no-brainer to install. With the right measurements, there wonít be a ton of cutting tile and filling in the cracks. The most difficult part of this project could actually be removing the old tile. 

Change The Light Fixture

Just this one simple change can actually make your bathroom look like a whole different room. Choose a light fixture that will have a dramatic effect on the room and match the desired style.

Replace The Countertop

Bathroom countertops donít get quite as much attention as kitchen countertops do. The truth is that changing the area of the bathroom countertop, along with anything else you choose to do, can really have an impact on the room. You donít need to find an expensive material. Just pick something that will go with the room and that you love. 

Refinish Cabinets

Any cabinets that you may have in your bathroom could be refinished to breathe life into the room. Itís fairly simple to refinish cabinets that arenít in tough shape. All youíll need is some sandpaper and fresh stain for the wood. If the style permits, you could even repaint your cabinets for a new appearance.

Posted by TEAM Metrowest on 11/8/2017

Mortgages werenít the only financial instruments that helped to cause the Great Recession. Home equity loans also played a role in the massive economic decline. Lenders and homeowners both had a hand in creating the volatile situation. Both also bore a huge brunt of the fallout.

So, why are home equity loans again on the rise?

What makes home equity loans so attractive?

Home equity loans put hundreds, at times thousands, of dollars within a homeownerís reach.Although interest rates are rising, they continue to be low in most areas. Get a home equity loan while rates are low and youíll yield short and long term savings on the repayment side of the loan.

Another reason why more homeowners are getting home equity loans is because having the money to upgrade, repair or renovate a house can be a significant plus,especially if homeowners use home equity loans wisely. Upgrades, repairs and renovations add value to a house, another area that homeowners learned not to leave to chance during the Great Recession.

Using home equity loans to strengthen your real estate investment

Yet, itís easy to get into trouble with home equity loans. To stay out of trouble with home equity loans:

  • Only borrow as much as you can afford to repay on time. Donít assume that you will be able to repay the loan. Create a budget and list out all of your expenses, including money that you spend on entertainment.
  • Consider using investment accounts like IRAs and 401(k)s to grow wealth and not solely your home. This could keep you from viewing your home as your sole source of long-term wealth.
  • Get sufficient homeowners insurance. Donít just get enough insurance to cover the exterior or your home. Get enough insurance to cover your personal belongings as well.
  • Consider getting your home inspected and appraised before you pay for upgrades, as the upgrades that youíre thinking about getting may not increase the value of your home enough to make taking out a home equity loan good sense.
  • Despite what bank commercials may say, do not take out home equity loans to pay for vacations, cars or shopping sprees. This is a primary way that homeowners got in over their heads before the Great Recession.
  • Perform regular maintenance on your home. This includes cleaning out drainage pipes, changing filters and tightening and replacing screws, washers and bolts. By maintaining  your home, you can reduce the amount of a home equity loan you might need.
  • Adhere to manufacturer instructions when operating appliances. Doing so could extend the life of your appliances.
  • Care for the exterior of your home. For example,keep your lawn healthy, trim hedges and resurface your front walkway and driveway as needed.

Take out a home equity loan at the right time and the money could help to increase your overall wealth. View the loan as an investment in your home. Itís also important to approach a home equity loan as, just that, a loan. Remember that you have to pay the money back to the bank with interest, as a home equity loan is not a gift.

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